Gin Bramble
Best described as a sping cocktail, the bramble brings together gin, lemon juice, sugar with a blackberry twist
British Paloma
A refreshing cocktail made up of grapefruit gin, lemon juice, grapefruit juice & soda. Served over cracked ice, summer in a glass!
White Lady
A classic cocktail from the 1920's. A delicious drink consisting of pink grapefruit gin, lemon juice & sugar
Med Spritz
Refreshing, bubbly & packed full of flavour. A true classic in the cocktail world
Rhubarb Negroni
A rhubarb twist on the popular Italian aperitif of gin, Campari & sweet vermouth
Potato Espresso
Smooth & creamy consisting of Kahlua, espresso & Chase potato vodka
Tea with a twist! This fruity vodka cocktail will eave you wanting more. Passionfruit, Orange, Rhubarb vodka & Cranberry juice
Chocolate Orange
Chase Seville Marmalade Gib, Amaretto, Chocolate Liqueur. A delicious taste of the holidays in a glass